About Chapter 44

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We are a global consultancy that specialises in Executive communications and stakeholder engagement. Your stakeholders can include clients, your employees, the media, wider industry as well as paying members and subscribers.

We use events, communications and partnerships to drive profile, advocacy and reputation.

Chapter 44 specialises in stakeholder engagement, communications and events.

Using a multi-channel approach, we help brands and individuals engage with their stakeholders. These stakeholders can include existing and potential clients, wider industry, your employees, paying members and subscribers as well as the media.

We create opportunities to engage with these key groups – strategizing, identifying, managing and delivering. We approach things with a level head and imagination and always look for the newest approach and the biggest impact.

Chapter 44 was founded by Danielle Paton Howe in 2022. Danielle has extensive experience in internal and external communications, events, sponsorships and communications, working globally for organisations including The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal and Barclays. We have over 25 years’ experience working with a broad spectrum of clients in media, finance, tech as well as individuals wanting to build their leadership profile.