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“I’ve worked with Danielle for a number of years in different organisations and roles. She really understands how to engage different audiences, whether they are commercial clients, members, internal stakeholders or press. She’s great at working with senior leaders; working with the C-suite in building their profiles internally and externally – through events, speaking opportunities, client engagement and internal and external communication. Down to earth and fun to work with she’s resilient and resourceful. You can trust her to tackle almost anything. Her work is world class and I highly recommend working with her.”
William Lewis – former CEO of Dow Jones, Publisher, The Wall Street Journal. Co-founder of The News Movement
“In my global media leadership roles, I’ve found Danielle’s skills in comms and engagement to be vital. She manages to be creative and organised and she delivers. We’ve worked on a number of large-scale projects including Davos and wide scale business changes. She’s a great comms person – cool in a crisis and she understands different audiences, how to deal with challenges and run teams and projects. She’s a great person to work with professionally and personally.”
Louise Roug – Former Executive Director, International HuffPost, US Editor, Politico. Writer and journalist.